We want you to look forward to visiting our practice and enjoying your time with us. In addition to our decades of expertise and excellent specialist knowledge, we place great value on your personal comfort during your treatment. We would like to give our patients pleasure from beautiful, straight teeth and a healthy bite – no question that laughing is always part of it for us!


Specialist in orthodontics

David Canzler

Dentist in specialist dental training Postgraduate program in orthodontics of the State Dental Association of Rheinland-Pfalz

Meral Yasin

Practice manager - certified dental administration assistant

Pia Klee

Dental assistant, in practice Dr. Drechsler trained with specialization in the reception area and clinical support

Jennifer Laufer

Dental assistant with focus on service provision and certified dental radiological technical assistant

Nadine Emmelheinz

Gabriela Akgül

Dental assistant for aesthetics and responsible for teeth whitening and professional tooth cleaning

Eyleen Hamm

In practice Dr. Drechsler trained dental assistants with focus on therapy assistance for adolescent and adult patients

Sara Kontar

Dental assistant with focus on Invisalign® therapy for children and adults

Veronica Hase

Welcomes you with a smile and coordinates your appointments as a dental assistant

Sebastian Oancea

Dental technician of our practice's own laboratory for special orthodontic appliances